Moments With Paul

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Wed, Jun 1st '22 - 2:00pm

Wed, Jun 1st '22 - 7:30pm

Thu, Jun 2nd '22 - 2:00pm

Thu, Jun 2nd '22 - 7:30pm

Fri, Jun 3rd '22 - 2:00pm

Fri, Jun 3rd '22 - 7:30pm

Sun, Jun 5th '22 - 2:00pm

Sun, Jun 5th '22 - 7:30pm

Mon, Jun 6th '22 - 2:00pm

Mon, Jun 6th '22 - 7:30pm

Moments With Paul

Presented by United in Music, Inc.

With Jason McKinney & Christopher Bagley

Performed at the Bartell Theatre on the Drury Stage

THE STORY: A powerful chronicle of the life of Paul Robeson, taking us from his childhood in New Jersey to his adult life as one of the most recognized figures in the world. An All-American athlete (15 varsity letters – football, basketball, track, baseball) and valedictorian at Rutgers and a lawyer (Columbia Law School), Robeson faces the racism prevalent during the twentieth century. As an actor and singer, Mr. Robeson becomes one of the most recognizable figures in the world. He uses these forums as an artist to become a human and civil rights activist, speaking against racism and oppression in the United States and abroad. However, it is primarily his sympathetic stance with Communism that causes the US Government to effectively silence him during his prime earning and performing years.

In this production, Jason McKinney portrays the great Paul Robeson. He uses his immense talents as a vocalist and actor to bring the powerful Robeson to life. Mr. McKinney will make you laugh, smile, cry and most importantly, think! He is accompanied by Christopher Bagley, portraying the role of Robeson’s musical collaborator, Lawrence Brown.

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