Escape from Happiness

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Upcoming Performances

Fri, Mar 24th '23 - 7:30pm

Sat, Mar 25th '23 - 7:30pm

Thu, Mar 30th '23 - 7:30pm

Fri, Mar 31st '23 - 7:30pm

Sat, Apr 1st '23 - 7:30pm

Sun, Apr 2nd '23 - 4:00pm

Thu, Apr 6th '23 - 7:30pm

Fri, Apr 7th '23 - 7:30pm

Sat, Apr 8th '23 - 4:00pm

Escape from Happiness

Written by George F. Walker

Directed by Jan Levine Thal

This ferociously dark comedy follows the idiosyncratic members of a very broken family who refuse to surrender to neighborhood criminal elements and would-be crooked cops. A viciously funny satire and a moving meditation on forgiveness.

Performed on the Evjue Stage.


Auditions January 30 & 31 or by appointment 7pm

Merc Lab, 930 N Fair Oaks Ave, Madison Street parking available

Cast — all ethnicities and gender identities welcome. Ages are suggestions only.

NORA, 50s or older

ELIZABETH, Nora’s oldest daughter, 30s

MARY ANN, Nora’s middle daughter, 20s or 30s GAIL, Nora’s youngest daughter, 20s or 30s

JUNIOR, Gail’s husband, 20s or 30s

TOM, the father of Nora’s daughters, 50s or older

DIAN BLACK, a police detective, 20s to 50s

MIKE DIXON, a police detective, 50s or older

ROLLY MOORE, a criminal, 50s or older

STEVIE MOORE, a criminal 20s, or 30s

Auditioners will read from the script.

A pdf of the script is available on request from the director,

Sides will be available approximately two weeks before auditions.

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