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By Martin Sherman
Directed by Sean Langenecker

What would you do if your existence suddenly became illegal; if your way of life and who you loved was deemed a crime punishable by torture and death?

Bent is a story of losing everything and then finding one thing in the midst of insurmountable persecution and oppression. This unlikely love story gives us a seldom viewed perspective of queer life in Nazi Germany after The Night of the Long Knives.

Bent strips humanity to its core and leaves a stark reminder of the delicate and precious natures of freedom and love, which still reverberate today.

We require all patrons to wear a mask for this production


Max – Patrick O’Hara
Rudy – Lennox Forrester
Wolf – Patrick Mahoney
Greta – Matt Reines
Freddie – Joel Davidson
Horst – Edric Johnson
Director – Sean Langenecker
Producer – Lesemann Marshall
Stage Manager – Steppe
Construction – Russel Wolff
Lighting Designer – Tom Litrell
Props Designer – Michelle Dayton
Costumes Designer – Marie Schulte
Sound/Music Composition – John Feith
Rigging – Spike Garrett
Intimacy Coordinator – Simone LaPierre
Fight Captain – Patrick Mahoney

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