Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake (poster), by Betty Diamond, Directed by Jan Levine Thal

Fri, May 4, 8:00pm
Sat, May 5, 8:00pm
Sun, May 6, 4:00pm

Thu, May 10, 8:00pm
Fri, May 11, 8:00pm
Sat, May 12, 8:00pm
Sun, May 13, 4:00pm

Thu, May 17, 8:00pm
Fri, May 18, 8:00pm
Sat, May 19, 8:00pm

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake
by Betty Diamond
Directed by Jan Levine Thal


A seriously comic exploration of women and food.
Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?  Why do we not eat when we are? Is it safe to give babies food from cans?  All these and other issues are confronted by a group of old friends who will gather to celebrate a birthday.  With cake.
Talk backs after every show.
Thursday shows are $15.
Group rates ($15 tickets) available for groups larger than 10 for any show.
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