Too Tambien

Sun, May 29 - 8p
Mon, May 30 - 8p
Tues, May 31 - 8p
Wed, Jun 1 - 8p
Thurs, Jun 2 - 8p
Fri, Jun 3 - 8p
Sat, Jun 4 - 8p

Too Tambien

Live from the Evjue Theatre


A multi-level comedy showcase about life featuring local talents: Frandu Smith & Nick Hart!

Tickets $15

Torch Song

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Tomorrow at 7:30pm


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Fri, Mar 1st at 7:30pm

Dansu Dance Company 2024 Concert – Musique

Coming Soon

Sat, Mar 9th at 2:30pm

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball

Coming Soon

Fri, Mar 15th at 7:30pm

Twilight Bowl

Coming Soon

Fri, Mar 22nd at 8:00pm