Are We Delicious? Sci-Fi

Tues, Oct 11 - 7:30
Weds, Oct 12 - 7:30

Tues, Oct 18 - 7:30
Weds, Oct 19 - 7:30

Are We Delicious? Sci-Fi

A full-length Sci-Fi play written, rehearsed and premiered in a single week by 8 Madison performers.

Beginning with only their imagination and the barest outline, 8 Madison writer/actors create a full-length Sci-Fi play in a single week. Ensemble members are chosen for their writing and acting ability, testing their creativity and craft in a way unmatched in other shows. Each day of the Delicious week tests a different skill set as they write, memorize and perform their plays. A carnival-like atmosphere on stage and off leads to an enjoyable evening for all.

The Sci-Fi ensemble features:

  • Matt Sloan
  • Sean Langenecker
  • Edric Johnson
  • Deborah Hearst
  • Desmond H. Hawkins
  • Stacey Garbarski
  • Heather Jane Farr
  • Jason Compton

Admission price is $14 with a running time of 80 minutes with a 10 minute intermission.


Are We Delicious? is an ensemble of Madison writer/performers who conceive, write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour comedy-­variety show in a single week.  Everyone writes, everyone acts and no one can rest until the final curtain.

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