The Boy Friend

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The Boy Friend

A musical comedy of the roaring ’20s!!
by Sandy Wilson

Directed by Jim Chiolino / Music Direction by Justin Wilder / Choreography by Heidi Hakseth. 

In honor of MTG’s 70th season, we will be remounting a production that MTG has done 3 times in its history. A witty send-up of the frothy musicals of the 1920s and set in Madame Dubonnet’s Finishing School outside of Nice, THE BOY FRIEND tells the story of Polly, an English heiress, who longs for a boyfriend. Her father, who believes any boy who isn’t wealthy will court Polly only for her money, has forbidden her to date below her class. Polly, of course, falls for Tony, the messenger boy, and leads him to believe she is a working class girl. The mistaken identities multiply from there until the inevitable happy ending. Julie Andrews made her Broadway debut in this show!


Polly Browne – Tiffany Orr
Tony – Jordan Humpal
Madame Dubonnet – Sarah Streich
Percival Browne – Terry Christopher
Hortense – Danielle Olstead
Lord Brockhurst – Jim Chiolino
Lady Brockhurst – Ilona Pinzke
Bobby – Robert Helfinstine
Maisie – Stephanie Frank
Dulcie – Katie Brotherton
Fay – Ami Eckard-Lee
Nancy – Jane Hobson
Marcel – Espere’ Eckard-Lee 
Pierre – Matt White
Alphonse – Alec Moeser
Ensemble – Kurtis Hopp, Hilary Carpenter, Christine Chang, Hillary Dadio-Perrone, Sheri Meland, Louise Stout

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