GADZOOKS! Cinderella! (It ain’t Shakespeare!)

DECEMBER 11–19, 2015
KIDS UNDER 12 – $10
ADULTS – $20

Fri, Dec. 11th 7:30
Sat, Dec. 12th 7:30
Sun, Dec. 13th 4pm
(ADULTS $15)

Wed, Dec. 16th 7:30
(ADULTS $15)
Thur, Dec. 17th 7:30
Fri, Dec. 18th 7:30
Sat, Dec. 19th 4pm

GADZOOKS! Cinderella! (It ain’t Shakespeare!)

An original, British-style holiday “PANTO” by Nick Schweitzer

Directed by Stephen F. Murray

Amanda Finn of says it’s a “new holiday tradition…absurd and over the top…a welcome change…” Read the complete review HERE

What do you get when you combine a well-known fairy tale, silly song parodies, a cow, slapstick comedy, corny jokes, a touch of magic, and two wicked stepsisters–who are ­­played by men?

It’s a PANTO!

The British “panto” pre-dates Shakespeare, is performed more often than Shakespeare, and, quite frankly, is way funnier than Shakespeare! It employs a simple, recognizable plot to entertain the children, and other parts ­– topical political and local jokes, farce and even slapstick – to amuse the adults. Cross-dressing is essential, with the Prince being played by a woman, and the two wicked stepsisters played by men. But think Monty Python here, not La Cage aux Folles!

In Gadzooks! Cinderella! the “Royal Dairy Shakespeare Players” have to perform a panto in order to make money during the holidays. As they begrudgingly present the traditional fairy tale, they try to slip in some of the Bard’s most familiar lines and soliloquies – only to be reminded by the rest of the company: “this ain’t Shakespeare!”

Cheering for the heroes and booing for the baddies is strongly encouraged in this family-friendly theatrical treat, which Mercury Players offers as a charming alternative to traditional American holiday fare.

danearts_3c_onelineThis project is supported by DANE ARTS, with additional funding from the Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation.


Check out the trailer!

Gadzooks! Cinderella! (It Ain’t Shakespeare!) TRAILER from Rob Matsushita on Vimeo.

What is a Panto? Director Stephen F. Murray answers that on the Bartell Update!

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