Deliciously Queer

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Fri, 3/27/15, 8:00pm
Sat, 3/28/15, 8:00pm
Deliciously Queer: Coming Out followed at 9:00 PM by a preview of The All Queer Variety Show, a one-hour variety show featuring music, comedy, dance, and spoken word from members of the queer community.

Fri, 4/3/15, 8:00pm
Sat, 4/4/15, 8:00pm
Deliciously Queer: Coming Out (Reprise) followed by Deliciously Queer: Commitment.

Fri, 4/3/15, 10:30pm
Sat, 4/4/15, 10:30pm
The All Queer Variety Show.

Thur, 4/9/15, 8:00pm
Fri, 4/10/15, 8:00pm
Sat, 4/11/15, 8:00pm
A reprise of both Deliciously Queer: Coming Out & Deliciously Queer: Commitment.

Fri, 4/10/15, 10:30pm
The All Queer Variety Show.

Deliciously Queer


Casem AbuLughod, Suzan Kurry, Sean Langenecker & Dana Pellebon


StageQ, Inc., partners with the creators Are We Delicious? to present Deliciously Queer, a show written and staged in a mere 7 days. Deliciously Queer will feature pieces inspired by two compelling subjects in the queer experience: Coming Out and Commitment. Who doesn’t have a coming out story or an opinion about commitments in the queer community? Join us to see how those stories come together, unfold, and simply make you laugh.

Delicious Ensemble Theatre is a simple, exhilarating ensemble theatre project where a small group of daredevil writers and performers conceive, write, rehearse, and perform an original one-hour show of short plays in a single week. Everyone writes, everyone acts, and no one can rest until the final curtain!

Using the Delicious Ensemble Theatre formula that brought you past shows Are We Delicious? Xmas, Are We Delicious? Delicious Festival at Broom Street, and the upcoming Are We Delicious? Superstition, this new StageQ production will present three weeks of Deliciously Queer entertainment.

“The energy, talent and creativity of StageQ combined with the insane deadlines and Outward-Bound-like bonding of Delicious is sure to create an unforgettable show. Writing for each other, with the themes we’ve chosen, I’m sure we’ll create a show packed with laughs and fortified with raw honesty. It’s a special opportunity and I can’t wait to begin.” — Tony Trout, impresario, Are We Delicious?

Deliciously Queer: Coming Out
Tiffany Orr
Salman Mushtaq
Katy Briggs
Heather Jane Farr
Darrell Durham
Romana Shemayev
Deliciously Queer: Commitment
Mark Albright
Simone LaPierre
Cooper Talbot
Akshat Sharma
Paulina Kababie
Ben Siedensticker

House opens at 7:30pm on all evenings

Ticket prices are $15.00 for Thursday, Friday & Saturday performances, $10.00 for the Late Night Variety Show

Combo Tickets for the Deliciously Queer and the All Queer Variety Show are $20.

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