Bare: A Pop Musical

Bare A Pop Musical Poster

Fri, March 20 8pm
Sat, March 21 8pm

Thu, March 26 7:30pm
Fri, March 27 8pm
Sat, March 28 8pm
Sun, March 29 4pm

Thu, April 2 7:30pm
Fri, April 3 8pm
Saturday, April 4 8pm

This show is appropriate for people 16 and older.

All tickets are $20 general admission.

Bare: A Pop Musical

This rock musical (think Rent or Spring Awakening) is set in a Catholic boarding school in the late 1990s. BARE tells the story of a doomed romance between Jason and Peter. Both popular and attractive (and secretly in love with each other), they are the center of a group of friends obsessed with drugs, parties and secrets. Nadia, Jason’s food obsessed sister, hates her body and feels everyone else hates her for it. Matt, the jock, thinks no one understands he can be sensitive and loving. Ivy, the popular pretty girl, hates (and loves) her reputation as a slut. The local Priest and Peter’s mom both obsess over “normal” lives for the kids. ┬áBut one drunken night leads Ivy and Jason down a path that will change all of their lives forever.

This show is appropriate for people 16 and older.
All tickets are $20 general admission. Run time: 2:30.

Peter: Aaron Insko
Jason: Kurtis Hopp
Ivy: Sami Sobaski
Nadia: Katie Cass
Matt: Dan Pietrangelo
Luca: Annemae Collins
Tanya: Isabella Virrueta
Kyra: Alyson Barrett
Diane: Lindsay Shimizu
Zack: Patrick Chounet
Alan: Kenneth Ingram, Jr
Katie: Katie Debs
Liz: Liz Chen
Sister Chantelle: Janine Gardner
Claire: Jessica Jane Witham
Priest: Dave Durbin

Directed by Steve Noll
Music Director: Meghan Rose
Choreographed by Lyn Pilch
Produced by Steve Noll, Bonnie Balke & Deborah Hamill
Light Design by Phil Koenig
Set Design by Erin Baal
Sound by Chris Barker & Bonnie Balke

Costumes by Sophia C. Luchianni

Props: Kirk Stantis
Stage Manager: Rosa Hernandez

Broadway Bound: Newsies Jr.

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