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Past Performances

Fri, Dec 1st '23 - 7:30pm

Sat, Dec 2nd '23 - 2:30pm

Sun, Dec 3rd '23 - 2:30pm

Full Light

Presented by Magnum Opus

This classical and timeless Christmas ballet will be sure to put your heart in the holiday spirit!

Enjoy dancers from all over the world as they intricately dance to George Friederic Handel’s Messiah!

Presented on the Drury Stage

Director & Choreographer Abigail Henninger

Technical Director Jim Vogel

Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully


Tomorrow at 2:00pm

POTUS, Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive

Coming Soon

Thu, May 30th at 7:30pm

CapitalQ Theatre Festival 2024

Coming Soon

Fri, Jun 21st at 7:30pm

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Patience

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Fri, Aug 2nd at 7:30pm