The Panto-lorian: Episode 1,751 of the Star Wars Franchise

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The Panto-lorian: Episode 1,751 of the Star Wars Franchise

Written by Nick Schweitzer and Steve Noll

Directed by Steve Noll

The Panto strikes back! Mercury’s first panto sequel takes us back to that galaxy far, far away: A bounty hunter with a bucket stuck on his head meets the Baby Yoda who just might melt it off. Adventures await them, especially when other streaming shows get jealous and invade their galaxy. 

Presented in PantoVision. 


TICKETS FOR KIDS 12 and UNDER will be $10 for any performance.

Performed on the Drury Stage


Calling all nerds! Mercury Players will be holding auditions for their annual holiday family panto this year, based on the Star Wars streaming show THE MANDALORIAN. Written by Nick Schweitzer & Steve Noll, and Directed by Steve Noll. 

Please arrive shortly before 7pm in the Bartell lobby to fill out an audition form. No resumes or pictures required. Actors will read from the script and do improv activities. Some singing and dancing may be requested. Heidi Hakseth will be creating the choreography. ALL ACTORS MUST BE VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 with at least one booster. Proof of vaccination will be required at audition

The script is based on the Disney+ Star Wars streaming show The Mandalorian, as well as spoofing other well-known streaming shows. Knowledge and love of Baby Yoda is strongly encouraged. 

Roles currently include:
Panto – the Pantolorian
Ferrari – the buddy
Wanda (WandaVision, must have strong vocal skills)
Cool – an alien
IG-11 – a robot
The Armorer
The Client
Baby Yoda (must be strong dancer)
Cast of Stranger Things
Fairy Tale creatures
Various aliens and TV characters

All parts will be cast gender/race neutral. Several parts will be cast specifically cross-gender, per panto tradition. 

While a script has been written, actors will extensively work to re-write and adapt the story during rehearsals, which will begin in early November. 

If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong!!!

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The Panto-lorian: Episode 1,751 of the Star Wars Franchise

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