The Amazing Acro-Cats Amaze Madison!

The Amazing Acro-Cats,


Fri, Aug 2 - 7:00pm
Sat, Aug 3 - 3:00pm
Sat, Aug 3 - 7:00pm
Sun, Aug 4 - 1:00pm
Sun, Aug 4 - 5:00pm
Mon, Aug 5 - 7:00pm

The Amazing Acro-Cats Amaze Madison!

Presented by Rock Cats Rescue in partnership with Madison Cat Project

**This page is for the 2019 performance**
**For future performances, please refer to the Bartell Theatre homepage**

The Amazing Acro-Cats Featuring Tuna and the Rock Cats are a troupe of touring performing house cats. This one-of-a-kind,  two hour long purrformance features talented domesticated house cats rolling on balls, riding skateboards, jumping through hoops, and more!

The finale is the only all-cat band in the entire world – Tuna and the Rock Cats! The current band lineup features Nola on guitar, Asti on drums, Nue on keyboard, and NOW some brand new members: Ahi on woodblocks and Albacore on cowbell, Buggles on trumpet, and Oz on Saxophone. There is even a chicken – Cluck Norris – rockin’ the tambourine!

“I can die happy now!” an audience member has claimed after seeing the band.

Featured on national TV shows like the 2016 Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, Tuna and the Rock Cats purrformed the half-time honors! Their most recent national appearance was on Adult Swim.

For more information on this event, visit The Acro-Cats are purrforming in partnership with Madison Cat Project.

The Amazing Acro-Cats will be purrforming on the Drury Stage.

Approximate run-time: 2 hours (no intermission)

The Amazing Acro-Cats are suitable for all ages! But for the concentration of the feline performers, there is a strict no-crying-babies policy.


Very Important Cat People (VICP) Level 1: $43 (rows 1 & 2)

Very Important Cat People (VICP) Level 2: $33 (rows 3 & 4)

Reserved Seating: $23 (all other rows)

For questions concerning wheelchair- and handicapped-accessible seating and pricing, contact the box office at (608) 661-9696.

For the safety and concentration of the feline performers, animals of any kind (including service animals) are not permitted. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

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