Frandutopia’s Frandú à Trois

Thurs May 11 @ 7:30pm
Fri May 12 @ 7:30pm
Sat May 13 @ 7:30pm

Frandutopia’s Frandú à Trois

It’s a poetic and comic look at our lives with musical breaks so we can muster it inside us.
It is a tragedy with laughter undertones which bring us to a dark sober look at us and uplift us with the wonderfully miraculous gift we all get.
It is a force of faith and risk which leave us naked as we face the illusions we live on and the realities we must deal within our lives.
Its a perspective on life, a way of surviving, a feeling of joy, a meeting of our egos and our nothingness. It is an instant that goes on for longer than us.
It is the constant struggle of the ego and the funny way in which we finally win. It is accepting the shiny flicker of our consciousness and our desires to be as bright as possible and then to see the candle go out.
This a work of poetry, comedy and music, all created, developed and produced by local artists.
It is Frandú, voted 3rd funniest Madison comic 2015
Nick Hart, funniest Madison comic 2017

A late night show will be added in case of a sold out theatre, 10pm to midnight.

Tickets are $15 general and $7 student/senior with ID


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