Are We Delicious? Puss In Boots

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Are We Delicious? Puss In Boots

With only a pair of boots, wit, trickery and savoir faire a scraggly cat guides its hopeless owner from poverty to the Palace. Starting with the barest outline, a hand-picked ensemble of Madison’s best writers and performers will adapt this ancient tale into a modern, full-length comedy – starting from scratch just one week before opening night.

Casem AbuLughod, Erica Berman, William Bolz, Trevin Gay, Amber McReynolds, and David Pausch with Charlie Cheney as The Troubadour
With its unique collaborative and creative process, Are We Delicious? makes each person an author, everyone writing scenes that are stitched together with feedback sessions, rewrites and rehearsals. It’s a mad dash to opening night as scripts are written, costumes sewn and lines learned in only 7 days. Packed with wit, wisdom and a lot of performance anxiety, it’s always fresh and a little dangerous, but when it comes together, a wonder to behold.

Puss in Boots is “PG”, appropriate for children ages 12 and up.


Running time: 90 minutes with intermission



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