A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee Poster

Mon, July 16th
Sun, July 17th

September 15th-30th

A Delicate Balance

By Edward Albee

Directed By Scott Albert Bennett

Edward Albee’s classic drama about two couples whose lives are upended by an encroaching, nameless “fear,” bring a firestorm of doubt, recrimination, and ultimately solace. This play won Albee the first of his three Pulitzer Prizes for Drama.


Dates: Monday, July 16th & Sunday, July 17th.
Time: 6:30pm start
Location: To be announced.
Preperation: To be announced.

​Agnes – A women in her 50s
Clair – Agnes’ younger sister
Tobias – Agnes’ husband in his late 50s
Harry – Tobias’ best friend
Edna – Harry’s wife
Julia – Agnes’ and Tobias’ daughter

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