Fri, May 19 - 8pm
Sat, May 20 - 8pm

Thu, May 25 - 7:30pm*
Fri, May 26 - 8pm
Sat, May 27 - 8pm
Sun, May 28 - 4pm*

Thu, June 1 - 7:30pm*
Fri, June 2 - 8pm
Sat, June 3 - 4pm*




Directed by SUZAN KURRY

OF DICE AND MEN shows the world that most gamers aren’t isolated, virgin-for-life losers: theirs is a social hobby not unlike poker or fantasy football. The play explores the rich friendships and romantic lives of a group of lifelong friends who are NOT stereotypical, Cheetos-stained, acne-blighted geeks. AT ALL. These men and women are attractive, smart, charming…and facing some major changes in their lives. Humor, brutal honesty and the good-natured kidding of people who know each other far too well culminate in an unforgettable evening that will make you laugh and think – and do so in a way that celebrates the power of gaming to bring people together, never once apologizing for it.

John Francis . . . . Brent Holmes
John Alex . . . . Cam Shimniok
Jason . . . . Allen Jeanette
Tara . . . . Sarah Edlund
Linda . . . . Justine Kolb
Brandon . . . . Jim Caston

There will be a talk-back with MATT FORBECK after the performance on Saturday, May 20th.

Matt Forbeck is an award-winning and New York Times-bestselling author and game designer with over thirty novels and countless games published to date. His latest work includes the Star Wars: Rogue One junior novel, Dungeonology, Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger, Halo: New Blood, the Magic: The Gathering comics, The Marvel Encyclopedia, and the upcoming Shotguns & Sorcery tabletop roleplaying game based on his novels. He lives in Beloit, WI, with his wife and five children, including a set of quadruplets. For more about him and his work, visit