Morticians in Love

Fri, Feb 24 – 8pm
Sat, Feb 25 – 8pm
Sun, Feb 26 – 4pm

Wed, Mar 1 – 8pm *
Thu, Mar 2– 8pm **
Fri, Mar 3 – 8pm
Sat, Mar 4 – 4pm
Sat, Mar 4 – 8pm

*Half-price tickets on Wednesday
**$15 tickets for groups of two or more on Thursday

Morticians in Love

Two lonely morticians explore relationships. “Every body should love death this much.” Mature audiences only. Not appropriate for children. The play has no nudity, although the corpses will be scantily clad and there are adult sexual situations. A shy mortuary owner and her assistant toil alone among the dead until the arrival of a handsome rival mortician who wants to share more than work space. “V-day is all but dead … flowers and chocolates, formaldehyde and chloroform. …”


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Thu, Mar 7th at 7:30pm

Dansu Dance Company 2024 Concert – Musique

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Sat, Mar 9th at 2:30pm

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball

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Fri, Mar 15th at 7:30pm

Twilight Bowl

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Fri, Mar 22nd at 8:00pm

EDEN SHER: I Was On A Sitcom

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Sun, Mar 24th at 7:00pm