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Strollers Theatre, ltd. presents:
by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Sam D. White
Produced by Matt Korda

An airplane crashes through the conservatory bringing two unexpected guests. One is a handsome young man who immediately arouses Hypatia’s hunting instinct. The other is a female dare-devil of a circus acrobat whose vitality and directness inflame all the other men at the house-party. It turns out that it is customary for her to rouse men wherever she goes, and in the second act she makes a note of having received her fifty-eighth proposal.

All told there are eight marriage proposals offered for consideration in the course of one summer afternoon. The question of whether any one of these combinations of marriage might be an auspicious alliance, or a misalliance, prompts one of the prospective husbands to make the famous Shavian speculation that has shocked many theatre-goers: “If marriages were made by putting all the men’s names into one sack and the women’s names into another, and having them taken out by a blind-folded child like lottery numbers, there would be just as high a percentage of happy marriages as we have now.”

Hypatia – Emmaline Friederichs
John Tarleton Sr. – Carl Cawthorne
Mrs. Tarleton – Rebecca Raether
Bentley Summerhays – Sean Langenecker
Johnny Tarleton – Benjamin Barlow
Lord Summerhays – Coleman
Lina Szczepanowska – Heather Jane Farr
Joey Percival – Kyle Baldauf
Julius Baker/Gunner – Bryan Royston

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