Repertory I

Repertory I Poster

February 6th & 7th

Repertory I

Madison Ballet’s repertory performances bring the breathtaking beauty of ballet to the intimate space of the Drury Stage.

Repertory I features the work of four contemporary choreographers performed by Madison Ballet’s athletic and dynamic company artists, providing a diverse program for dance enthusiasts of all ages.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper│General McArthur Hambrick
Un Bolero Azul│Jin Wen-Yu
Jiffy Pop│Jacqueline Stewart
Nuoto│W. Earle Smith

Am I My Brother’s Keeper
A contemporary work which loosely explores human emotion and the tribulations of relationships through innovative choreography and a keen sense of musicality. Hambrick has created a stirring and intense piece that compliments the minimalist qualities of the music of Steve Reich.

Un Bolero Azul
Originally set on the Nashville Ballet, Un Bolero Azul starts with the simple and repetitive rhythm of bolero music. As it progresses, this flourishing ballet reveals emotional brilliance and dynamic fluctuations through investigations of various levels of space.

Jiffy Pop
Jacqueline Stewart’s avant-garde ballet plays with the angles of perception, and the male/female gaze. The work aims to comment on the many views one can encounter simultaneously while suggesting the dark side of our image-obsessed society.

Artistic Director W. Earle Smith premieres a brand-new work featuring the entire company. Nuoto is Italian for swimming, and this lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek ballet is sure to entertain!

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